How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

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Sarah R May 10, 2023

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

Searching for roofing companies in Houston? Your roof can protect you and your family against harsh outdoor and weather elements. So whether your roof needs repair or replacement, you should trust a competent and reliable roofing service contractor.  Check out the following for tips on how to choose a roofing contractor.

Qualifications of top roofing companies

First, commercial or residential roofing service companies must meet their municipality’s criteria. So before hiring one, you must check their qualifications – insurance, licensing in your area, experience, and bond. They should also be willing to write an estimate and give you a list of references.

How to find and hire the best roofing companies in Houston, TX

Before you should let any company perform any roof installation, repair, or replacement, there are certain things to consider.

Insurance and licensing

The roofer to hire in Houston must be qualified and licensed to work legally on the roofing project. In the state of Texas, a state license is not mandatory, but it is necessary. At least, roofing companies must have a Roofing Contractors Association of Texas voluntary license.

While insurance is not mandatory for a roof replacement contractor, we highly recommend finding one with liability insurance.

Otherwise, you may be accountable and liable for any untoward incidents that may happen during the roofing job. Protect yourself from any liabilities by asking about insurance and its coverage.

The workers of a professional roofer will have necessary insurance that covers them when any one of them gets hurt or injured while working.

Local experience

What is their area experience? How long have they been operating in the industry? You should also ask about their ratings, reviews, and references from previous customers to give you a sense of their area experience. Roofys Roofs serve these areas.

Avoid fly-by-night roofers that don’t have a solid background in the industry. They can disappear abruptly to avoid paying for any damage that occurred during the roof installation, replacement, or repair project. Only work with a roofer that has a solid background in the field and has many years of experience completing these projects.


Get an estimate from several roofers. Talk to potential companies and ask for an estimate in writing. This will help you for a reference and comparison until you are ready to make the decision. It will also help to ask about coupons and deals to save some money.

Nevertheless, it’s essential that you clearly understand all the finance aspects of the project. The roofing services must be able to explain to you all the aspects about cost and payments. Thus, you must also ask a lot of questions before agreeing or signing anything.

Warranty from the roofing contractor

What will happen if you’re unsatisfied with the work? Do they provide any warranty? The company must make things right if you’re unsatisfied with the results.

Independent Contractor vs. Roofing Services Company

One may be suited for a specific job than the other. An independent contractor may accomplish a simple roof repair fast and can be advantageous because there is only one contact person.

However, there can also be downsides to hiring an independent roofing contractor, like a longer time to complete the job and difficulty in tracking them down in case of any warranty issues.

Meanwhile, a roofing company in Houston may give you a better warranty, better price, and faster completion.  But if you’re hiring a larger roofing company, you should be ready to speak with several other people depending on the project stage.

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