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Roof Replacement

One of the biggest decisions that you as a homeowner will face is when it comes to repairing your roof and whether it is best to continue putting money into roofing repairs or just get your whole roof replaced. There are good reasons for each. Sometimes your budget will be a determining factor and sometimes you may opt for peace of mind over costs. Here are some things to consider when faced with a roofing repair or replacement decision.

Determine If You Need Your Roof Replaced

Here are a few key factors that must go into deciding as to whether to repair or replace the roof on your home.

  1. Roof age

It goes without saying that the older your roof is the better it might be to opt for a total roof replacement. Why is this? It is because chances are there is probably more going on underneath your roofing surface that you cannot see. You may have had several small leaks over the years that have rotted sheathing or trim wood without you noticing it. When you take your roof off back down to the structure and then build it back you eliminate any possibilities for things such as hidden leaks or structural damage.

  1. Curled and buckling shingles

If you have shingles that are starting to curl up at the edges or buckling in several spots on your roof, which could be a big red flag that indicates you have a severe roofing problem. It may also mean it is time for a roof replacement.

  1. Worn out roof valleys

The valleys in your roof are one of the most critical areas that need to be leak free. Worn or missing shingles in this area may mean it is time for a roof replacement.

  1. Missing shingles

A few missing shingles on your roof is nothing to worry about but if you are seeing that happening in multiple spots on your roof it is a big concern. It does not always mean your roof needs to be replaced but it definitively means you need an inspection.

  1. Worn or severely corroded chimney flashing

If your flashing around your chimney and vent pipes is pulling up or severely corroded it could be an indication of the state of your entire roof. Often this leads to you needing to replace your roof.

  1. Large amounts of shingle granules in the gutters

Unusually large amounts of shingle granules ending up in your gutter is a good indication that the shingles on your home have used up their useful life and need replacing. It could also be an indication it is time to replace the entire roof too.

  1. Seeing daylight through the attic boards

If you are putting away some things in the attic and you notice an unusual amount of light coming through your roof in spots that could be a sign of a worn roof that needs replacement.

Even if these problems do not result in you needing to replace your roof they are all problems that need to be repaired to ensure your roof is weather tight.

Avg. Cost to Replace a Roof

It is extremely hard to say what a roof replacement will cost because of all the different factors that will go into that extensive type of roofing project. If you are one of those people that our curious of what an estimate on your roof could be, a good rule of thumb is a small shingled roof could cost in the neighborhood of $5,000 to $7,000 to replace and a very large Spanish tile roof could run well over $25,000 to replace the entire roof. You must remember when a roof replacement is being done it replaces the sheathing, underlayment, and surface material
of your roof.

Here are the major determining factors for the cost of a roof replacement:

  1. Size

Of course, the bigger the roof the more expensive your roof replacement will cost. You will have more materials that go into a job and more labor hours to do the work. Roofing costs are typically figured based upon what is known as a “square”. A square is a 10’ x 10’ section of roof.

  1. Roofing Material

The type of surface roofing material that is being used is another significant factor in figuring out the cost of a total roof replacement. A shingle roof will cost much less money to replace than something like a tile roof.

  1. Roof Pitch

The steepness of your roof will be a big factor in determining roof replacement pricing also. The steeper a roof is the longer the job will take because more safety precautions will have to be taken and it is harder to do the work under those conditions.

  1. Roof Contour

Long flat runs of shingles on an open roof don’t take a lot of time to put on but if you add gabled windows, skylights and multiple contours to that scenario it can be a roofer’s worst nightmare. It will also make your roof replacement much more expensive.

Tips for Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor

It is not easy to pick a roofing contractor to replace the roof on your home. There are many contractors area to choose from. One of the most difficult parts of the selection process is to find out who is reputable and established as opposed to a company that flies by the seat of their pants.

Replacing a roof is a big task that takes a lot of skill and experience. You do not want just anyone on top of your home doing the job. If that roof replacement is not done right, you remember you have a house full of valuable possessions sitting under your roof that are only one good leak away from being lost. If you get a bad enough leak in the roof of your home things such as photos, computers and artwork may be damaged beyond saving.

To avoid that scenario here are a few tips for hiring a competent roofing contractor:

We are confident that if you follow the contractor selection guidelines mentioned here the process will lead you right back to us.

Choose us to help You with Your Roofing Repair or Replacement Decision

As you have read here you realize that there are many factors that go into your decision as to whether to keep putting money into roofing repairs or just replace the entire roof. What is the best way to decide By being as informed as possible about the current condition of your roof and that is why you need us.

We employ some of the most knowledgeable and experienced roofing techs in. When we climb up to inspect your roof, we will leave no stone unturned and give you an honest opinion and a fair and competitive price as to what it would take to do a roofing repair or replacement on your home. It is something we not only do well it is also a service that we provide for free.

So don’t agonize any longer over your roofing repair or replacement decision. Give us a call to schedule a free roofing inspection so you can get the accurate information you need to make a sound roof repair or replacement decision on your home.