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Replacement Windows

We have been in the construction business industry long enough to know that there are some jobs that literally will pay for themselves over time. One of those is replacing old, non-insulated windows with new vinyl replacement windows. You will be simply amazed at the cost savings on your energy bills at the warmer and colder times of the year. We can pretty much guarantee that once you see the difference in your energy bills you will kick yourself that you did not install new Vinyl windows much sooner. Our skilled window techs do a great job of installing all types of replacement windows and we do it for a cost that will surprise many window shoppers.


Choosing a Window Replacement Contractor

Without a doubt finding the right company to replace your windows is every bit as important as the type of replacement windows you buy. You can have the best insulated replacement windows that can be found in the marketplace, but it will make no difference if they are not installed and sealed correctly.

Here are some tips for hiring a window replacement company:

– Do Some Preliminary Window Research

Most people who have no experience installing windows will not know the pricing or terminology for them. That is why it is a good idea to do some internet research on windows and maybe also look at them in person at your local home improvement center. This will give you a good idea what the roofing contractors you will be interviewing are talking about.

– Do an Internet Search

After you have a general idea what type of replacement windows you want to use, do an internet search for companies to install them. Make sure you check reviews of the companies you are interested in that are NOT on their website and most importantly off.

– Get At Least Three Detailed Bids

It is always recommended to get at least three bids from different window replacement contractors. Make sure these bids are detailed and are broken out by cost per task.

– Check References

Make sure if the company you are considering hiring furnished you with references that you follow through and check on them. Do not shy away from the hard questions as you will most likely be surprised how honest people will be with you.

– Sign a Detailed Contract Only

Make sure the contract includes the written details of everything you expect from the window replacement company and spells out clearly such things as warranties, guarantees and the installment payments when certain portions of the project are completed.

If you follow these steps, we are quite confident that they will lead you right back to us because we work hard to satisfy each one of our window replacement customers.


Types of Windows

It would take an article five times the size of this page to go into detail about all the different types of replacement windows you can install in your home. That is a good thing because that means you should have no problem finding a window type that looks good to you and is well insulated.

Keep in mind when shopping that all replacement windows are not 100% vinyl. Some have decorative wood on the outside or the entire trim area.

Here are the most popular types of replacement windows:

– Double-Hung Windows

These are the number one seller in the replacement window market and there are several reasons for this. They are made to install easily for one and they also provide excellent insulation value for your home. Double-hung windows also conveniently drop down in both the top and bottom sections for easy cleaning.

– Single-Hung Windows

These are right up there in sales with double-hung windows and they offer the same advantages as they do. The only major difference is only the bottom panel drops down when you go to clean these types of windows.

– Sliding windows

Not everybody likes windows that slide up and down. Sliding windows open side to side much like a patio door. They are well insulated and can provide a unique look if used right.

Keep in mind that our expert window sales team members are always here to answer your questions about replacement windows. After all we want you to make a replacement window choice that leaves you very satisfied with your purchase. It is just a small part of the reason why we are known a leading company when it comes to providing excellent customer service.


Average Cost to Replace Windows

Determining the cost to install new vinyl windows on your home is no easy task with all the variables that are involved. For starters there is an extremely wide price range for even the same type of windows. Just as there are economy car manufacturers and luxury car manufacturers in the world, that too is the case when it comes to vinyl replacement windows.

Most companies that sell windows are big enough and smart enough to be competitively priced. If you do a little research yourself you can get a good idea of what the type of window a contractor is offering will cost. Often the sales from the supplier come down to volume discounts and the extras they offer those that purchase from them.

The biggest area where there might be a price discrepancy is in the installation cost of the project. Please note that you must be careful here as well. Some companies that offer dirt cheap pricing might send some inexperienced worker to your home that has very little time spent installing these types of windows.


Benefits of Using Energy Efficient Windows

If you walked into a crowded room of people and asked them who in the room likes to save money, it is a safe bet everyone in the room would raise their hand. Based on that fact it is a wonder that many homes still have old single pane, non-insulated windows in them; especially when a nice double hung window can save them a lot of money on their home energy costs. They can have quite a dramatic effect on your yearly energy bill to say the least; enough for them to pay for themselves over time.

There are other advantages to using vinyl replacement windows on your home. For one they will make your home look much better and they will also add value to it. If you do not believe how much better they look than old non-insulated windows, find a neighborhood with some older homes and you will find some with each to compare too; you will be taken back by the dramatic difference in looks.

Most new replacement windows are also designed to be much easier to clean. Parts of the window will even snap in and out for easier cleaning. You will never dread the task of window cleaning ever again once we put in new vinyl replacement windows for you.


Why Choose Us?

To put it simply we will work with you every step of the way during your window replacement process. From the big assistance you will receive from our sales team all the way through the skilled installation of the replacement windows themselves. Our window techs do not just remove the old windows hastily and then slap in the new replacement windows. Each window is carefully aligned and sealed before any window trim piece is ever put back in place.

Our company does not just replace regular windows either. We are experts at replacing bay windows, basement hopper windows and many other types of windows. Not to mention that are skilled craftsmen can handle replacing patio doors, screen doors and just about any other type of door that can be found in your home.

We do every job like we our doing it at our own place of residence and we are never satisfied with any work we do unless you are completely satisfied with it. You simply will not find a better and more affordable window replacement team like us.