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Your Dallas and Houston Area Deck Builder

There are few things you can add to your home in the Dallas or Houston areas that will enhance its value and functionality as much as the addition of a new deck or porch. It will be an addition to the active space in your home which is good for eating, hanging out, throwing a party or just as a place to get away and think for a while. If you are like most people you do not have the knowledge to build a deck so you will hire a Dallas or Houston decking company to do it for you. You want to make sure you find a decking contractor that will build you a deck that looks great and is done for an affordable price too.

Hiring a Texas Deck or Porch Contractor

Once you have decided you want to build a deck or porch then the next step is hiring a competent deck builder.

Here are some pointers in the hiring process that will help you find a highly competent deck building company in the Dallas and Houston areas:

This list is a pretty good guideline so if you do a majority of the steps on it you will find a competent Dallas or Houston deck building company for sure.

Types of Decks We Build

There is no one size fits all when it comes to getting a deck built for your home. It is a pretty safe bet if you are looking for a decking contractor that you already have something in mind that you want done as far as a new deck is concerned. The tough part is usually narrowing down your decision to exactly what you want because there are so many different types of decking options.

Here are some of the more popular types of decks we build for our Dallas and Houston area customers:

Think of this one as being similar to a concrete patio that is made out of wood or synthetic material. These are most commonly built near a sliding glass door or other door that leads to your backyard. They are great for using as an additional place to sit, for barbequing and as an outdoor place to eat.

These are very similar in construction to an attached deck but as the name implies they are not right up close to a building or other structure. They are perfect for use as part of garden, for sitting in a wooded area or as a separate barbeque area away from your house.

These can be done either at ground level or elevated. They will help extend the active space on your house and can also be used as a place to catch a good tan.

These are used for such purposes as connecting the lower level on a ranch style home with a mid-level access point or they can also be installed on homes that have an uneven or sloping yard.

The choices in deck types and designs are virtually limitless and with our vast amount of decking experience we can help you find one that is just right for your home.

Choosing Your Deck Materials

When it comes to building a deck on your home in Dallas or Houston you will have almost as many choices in decking materials as you do types of decks. That means with a little helpful advice from our knowledgeable deck builders you should have no problem finding a material that suits your new deck just fine.

Here are some of the more common choices for decking material in the Dallas and Houston areas:

This is the most common type of decking material found in the Dallas and Houston areas. That is starting change a little now that composite decking and PVC decking are coming down in price. This type of wood is permeated with both insect repelling and anti-rotting chemicals which make it ideal for use in deck construction.

This is wood mimicking and maintenance free decking that is made from waste wood fibers and recycled plastics. The decks that are made out of it look great and it will last virtually forever. It is made in several different color choices too. Unfortunately it is still a little on the expensive side at this point in time.

Redwood use to be the natural choice as a low cost wood decking material but it is now in limited supply and the price has skyrocketed. Cedar is the wood of choice to take its place. It is a great looking natural wood that is also easy to work with.

This is the new player when it comes to decking material and it is much like composite decking because it will last forever and is maintenance free. There is no wood content in it whatsoever. This comes in a variety of colors and it is not uncommon to see it come with a 25 year warranty.

There really is no such thing as a bad decking material on this list. Much of the decision on what material you will use on the deck at your Dallas or Houston home will be based on cost and personal preference.

Choose us if you want your Deck Built right

We have been building decks and satisfying customers in the Dallas and Houston areas for many years now. Our decking experts can help you in every step of the process from design and material selection all the way through to the installation. All of our work is fully guaranteed and we are not satisfied with any decking job we do until you are also. Our deck prices are also some of the most competitive and affordable in the area.

So give us a call if you want our skilled craftsman to build the deck of your dreams at your Dallas or Houston area home.