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Repairing Hail & Storm Damage

If you live in any area prone to mother nature catastrophe long enough and own a home, chances are you will at one time or another if you have not done so already have to repair storm damage to your roof. Storms can be very violent as these storms often build up steam unopposed as they roll across. When they hit, they often contain such things as extremely high winds, hail and even tornados. They are not a roof’s best friend by any means. It is always a good idea to have us visually inspect your roof if you think one of these storms has affected it in some way.

Strong winds are bad but in truth even the flimsiest shingle covered roofs can handle high winds in most cases. By far the biggest worry is hail damage. It can not only damage the surface of your roof but if it is big enough it can even impact your roof’s sheathing and structure. This is the reason you need an experienced roofing tech to do your storm damage inspection for you. Roofy’s Roofs roofing techs are highly skilled at spotting hidden damage and making sure it makes its way into any repair estimate. Missing these things on a roof inspection could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs on down the road.

It cannot be emphasized enough that you not only need a thorough and detailed inspection of your roof after it has received storm damage but the repair to your home’s home or business roof should not be done by cutting corners either. A roof repair is nothing to play around with as even the smallest of leaks left unfixed can silently do extremely costly damage to the structure of your home.

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We are one of the most sought after and reputable roofing contractors. We have built our hard-earned reputation through skillful craftsmanship, paying attention to detail, and delivering outstanding customer service. That is not about to change anytime soon. Before you get your next roofing repair done make sure to call us to come take a look at your roof and give you a free and expert opinion on the ‘right way’ to repair it.