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One of the biggest decisions that you as a Bellaire area homeowner will face is when it comes to repairing your roof and whether it’s best to continue putting money into roofing repairs or just get your whole roof replaced. There are good reasons for each. Sometimes your budget will be a determining factor and sometimes you may opt for peace of mind over costs. Here are some things to consider when faced with a roofing repair or replacement decision.


Cost of Common Bellaire Roof Repairs

Putting a true cost on even the most common roofing repairs is difficult at best with all of the different factors that go into repairing a roof. We certainly don’t want to put prices down here and then have them be way off one way or another.

Most of the Bellaire area roofing companies like us will give you free inspections and estimates anyway which will give you all the answers you will need as to how much your roofing repair will cost. The more estimates you get the better idea you will have of the total cost of your roofing repair (getting at least three estimates is recommended but don’t go overboard and get 20 either because then you are wasting many roofers valuable time).

A lot of your roofing costs will come down to what type of material your roof is made of. Shingled roofs will be the least expensive type of roof to repair and other materials such as synthetic shingles, decorative tile and raised metal roofs will be more expensive. It also goes without saying that roof size will be a big factor in the price of any roofing repair you get done also. The bigger the roof the more materials and labor it will take to do that roofing repair.

Also, until someone gets up on the roof at your Bellaire home and actually takes a look at what exactly needs to be repaired, you won’t know if there are any additional costs such as replacing sheathing, replacing underlayment or rotting trim pieces that need to be replaced too.


Avg. Cost to Replace a Bellaire Roof

It’s extremely hard to say what a roof replacement in the Bellaire area will cost because of all the different factors that will go into that extensive type of roofing project. If your one of those people that has to have a figure a small shingled roof could cost as little as $5000 to replace and a very large Spanish tile roof could run well over $25,000 to replace the entire roof. You have to remember when a roof replacement is being done it replaces the sheathing, underlayment and surface material of your Bellaire roof.

Here are the major determining factors for the cost of a roof replacement:


Of course the bigger the roof the more expensive your roof replacement will cost. You will have more materials that go into a job and more labor hours to do the work. Roofing costs are typically figured based upon what is known as a “square”. A square is a 10’ x 10’ section of roof.

Roofing Material

The type of surface roofing material that is being used is another significant factor in figuring out the cost of a total roof replacement. A shingle roof will cost much less money to replace than something like a synthetic tile roof.

Roof Pitch

The steepness of your Bellaire roof will be a big factor in determining roof replacement pricing also. The steeper a roof is the longer the job will take because more safety precautions will have to be taken and it’s harder to do the work under those conditions.

Roof Contour

Long flat runs of shingles on an open roof don’t take a lot of time to put on but if you add gabled windows, skylights and multiple contours to that scenario it can be a roofers worst nightmare. It will also make your roof replacement much more expensive.


Tips for Choosing the Best Bellaire Roofing Contractor

It is not easy to pick a roofing contractor to replace the roof on your Bellaire home. There are many contractors in the area to choose from. One of the most difficult parts of the selection process is to find out who is reputable and established as opposed to a company that flies by the seat of their pants.

Needless to say replacing a roof is a big task that takes a lot of skill and experience. You don’t want just anybody on top of your home doing the job. If that roof replacement is not done right you have to remember you have a house full of valuable possessions sitting under your roof that are only one good leak away from being lost. If you get a bad enough leak in the roof of your Bellaire home things such as photos, computers and artwork may be damaged beyond saving.

To avoid that scenario here are a few tips for hiring a competent roofing contractor:

  • Make sure they are fully insured.
  • Make sure their bid is in line with the others you receive.
  • Choose a local contractor if possible.
  • Don’t make price the sole factor in your hiring decision.
  • Check references and legitimate online reviews.
  • Avoid door to door roofing salesman because they will “always” find something wrong with your roof.
  • Make sure they are willing to describe in detail the roof replacement work they will doing on the contract.
  • Examine their job knowledge and customer service skills as you communicate with them – this is a good sign.

We are confident that if you follow the contractor selection guidelines mentioned here the process will lead you right back to us.


The Bellaire Community & Other Services We Offer

Bellaire Texas is a suburb of Bellaire, Texas. This community is unique because of its recognition as being the “City of Homes.” This primarily residential community is close to all the main highways that serve the Greater Bellaire area. Bellaire gives residents quick access to these thoroughfares so that they can get to shopping, dining, and entertainment venues of their choice.

Much like many other communities in Texas, Bellaire is divided into developments and subdivisions. In 2015 it was estimated that over 18,000 people call the Bellaire, Texas area their home. Bellaire has two bus lines that provide public transportation to residents and visitors of the city.

Home to several public parks and a leading school system, Bellaire is an ideal location to raise a family. Adults and children can enjoy many sports activities within their community. Lighted tennis courts, baseball fields, and soccer fields are ideal for both Adult and Children’s leagues to play. When not being used for scheduled play or practice, they are open for public use.

People who need to travel enjoy the convenience of being close to Domestic and International Airports that serve the Greater Bellaire area. Regardless of whether you need to fly to London or New York, living in Bellaire, Texas assures that you are always near an airport that meets your travel requirements.
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Keep Hot Air Out and Treated Air In!

If you’ve noticed that your energy usage has increased, but you haven’t changed habits in your home, this could indicate that your roof or window systems are no longer effectual as they used to be. Old windows and roofing systems are usual suspects when hot, and outdoor air is making its way indoors, or cold, treated air is escaping from the interior of your home. Vasquez Remodeling & Construction is bonded and insured to install custom roofing and window systems. We are also home siding installation experts.

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